About Us

Cost Plus Hydro has an exclusive relationship with Hawthorne, the industry leader in grow lights for indoor and greenhouse gardening. Along with a wide spectrum of Sun System products, the preferred brand for our Distinctive Client list of commercial and research greenhouses, we're also your source for gardening supplies from top-grade companies.


Among the brands you can find in our store are Grodan Rockwool, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Foxfarm, Bloombastic, Atami, Hydro Dynamics and Roots Organics,


Cost Plus Hydro is also here to accommodate all your agricultural needs. Whether you grow in soil, soil-less mixes, grow rocks, coco fiber or rock wool, we can offer everything you need to be a successful gardener – including a complete line of hydroponic supplies that will help you grow with any method of hydroponics you choose.


To make your shopping experience as trouble-free as possible, we also offer the following features:


  • Our online store, which has some of the most competitive prices in the industry

  • Customer service for any order, including large bulk orders

  • Commercial accounts and a variety of shipping options

  • An up-front pricing policy, part of our mission to beat the competition's prices.


Whether you garden as a hobby or commercially, hydroponically or in soil, indoors or outdoors, Everseason offers all of the products you need for a successful growing experience.